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Reseller Commissions
« on: October 04, 2006, 02:33:49 pm »
I have been struggling with how I could re-sell your product in such a way that I benefit. I keep on coming up against the problem that I don't want my customers to bypass me and go direct to you.

Then today I had a brainwave!

What about this where we both benefit:

- You offer reseller commissions where if I sign up a customer with you, they deal directly with you financially - but I get a commission on every sale.

How does this help BOTH of us:

YOU: I have in incentive to sell/recommend ... so ultimately you get more customers

ME: I do not have to get involved in the transactions between you and the hotspot owner.

The business model I see for me is this:
- I promote, market and sell hotspot solutions. The hardware is a WRT54GL (provided by me) configured as required for the customer. Chilli configured to point to an acct at
- I am responsible for the customisation required by the customer (Custom splash pages, custom login page on your server, etc)
- When I create the customer acct at your site, I enter something that identifies me as the reseller and that is a tag/field in the acct that you maintain. It might be:
 "Introduced By: XXXXX". XXXX = blank = OK = same as today. XXXXX = existing acct = the reseller.
- There is some % of the payments by the new customer that get returned to the reseller. eg 10%

This simplifies a LOT of things for both of us. The advantages to WorldSpot are:
- you now have a potential army of people like myself all over the world pushing sales for you
- you do not have to build a model that allows resellers to work in such a way that  You sell to reseller .. who sells to Hotspot owner ... who sells to end user. This model would require things like the Hotspot owner not knowing that the service is ultimately provided by WorldSpot (!!) and you don't want that.

Think about it. I would LOVE to 'push' WorldSpot as a service to my customers ... but at this stage not sure how to do it profitably.

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Re: Reseller Commissions
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2006, 05:44:44 pm »
Of course, there will be very interresting incentives to people that setup a hotspot for other people that don't know how to do it.

This will all be disclosed after the commercial offer will be decided and implemented.