Author Topic: How to make access profile that allows X number of devices with Y rate limit?  (Read 3437 times)

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I have a few questions:

1.  Is it possible to limit the number of devices allowed to connect simultaneously to a specific number?  For example, it is common for our users (campground) to have two or three devices...  (laptop, phone, and tablet)   So we want to limit the total number of concurrent (simultaneous) connections with the same ticket code to a maximum of three or four devices.   The problem I am trying to solve is that some users are purchasing a single ticket code, and then I see the code is being used for 10 different devices.  So it is obvious that sometimes the customer is sharing their code with other campers.  (For example... if the neighbour tent sees someone using their computer and asks them to share their ticket code...)

2.  Is it possible to limit the rate/speed between *all* connected devices for one ticket?  For example, if a customer purchases a ticket with a 500kbs download limit and they have a laptop, iphone, and tablet.  Can we limit the *total combined* download rate for all their connected devices?  Or is each device given the same 500kbs limit?  (So if the customer has three connected devices then they could download a total of 1.5mbs?)


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1. It will use too much database ressource, the way it is implemented right now.
2. A ticket is limited to one simultaneous connection. Difficult to allow multiple connection per ticket, and have global limits correctly implemented.