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Title: mesh desactivation
Post by: marcoind on December 19, 2018, 07:14:37 am
I have changed my network topology for my hotspot network and i do not need anymore my hotspot repeater. Those repeater have already been removed from the network.
How i can deactivate the mesh interface on the main router?
is it enough to remove it from the /etc/config/network ?
or is there any UCI command to do that?
Is there something else to do?

My mesh interface is defined as follow in the config file

config interface 'mesh'
        option mtu '1532'
        option proto 'batadv'
        option mesh 'bat0'
Title: Re: mesh desactivation
Post by: WorldSpot on December 20, 2018, 09:38:10 am

The simplest way I see would simply to hard reset the router by doing a "firstboot", or reflash.
Your node will be automatically reconfigured on reboot.

If you don't want to reset your router, you would have to
- remove the bat0.x from wan and lan networks,
- remove network.mesh.*
- remove network.my_bat_vlan*
- remove wireless mesh ssid