Author Topic: Change Coova logo when redirecting  (Read 9421 times)

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Change Coova logo when redirecting
« on: April 09, 2011, 02:08:52 pm »

For the ones using CoovaAp, we can either get the COOVA logo before gettting to the login page or a blank page, waiting that you land on worldspot.

I thought it would be nice to personalize the system a little bit by changing the coova logo by another picture (advertisement, company logo...).

The following works perfect:

1. install appserv on your computer
2. Put the picture you want to transfert at the root of www
3. putty your CoovaAP
4. get into the right directory :
"cd /etc/chilli/www/"
5. rename the original logo (or delete it ):
"mv coova.jpg coova2.jpg"
6. get your picture on the router:
"wget http://myip/mypicture.jpg"
7. Rename the Pic"
"mv mypicture.jpg coova.jpg"