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new worldspot firmware
« on: June 28, 2014, 11:01:45 am »

New Worldspot firmware has been released
This firmware is compatible with recent hardware.
https redirection is enabled on routers with more than 40MB of ram. (uses much memory)
It was tested on TP-LINK WR-1043ND V2.1, WR841N V8.4, WDR3500 V1.0, ACCTON MR3201A, x86 virtual machine.
This firmware version uses more memory than previous versions. Routers with 32MB or more are recommended.

Please download here:

Mesh wifi
Worldspot firmware supports batman-adv based mesh network.
Mesh networking allows you to easily have as many wireless repeaters as you want, and easily extend the range of your network.
Mesh network is very easy to setup. You simply have to run the "wsMeshEnable" command in the dashboard or ssh.
Make sure all your nodes are configured with the same wifi channel.
On each repeater, after you launch "wsMeshEnable" you must also disable the hotspot controller (chilli) by sending the "wsChilliDisable" command.
There must be only a single hotspot controller on the network.
You can also disable mesh with "wsMeshDisable" and reenable hotspot controller with "wsChilliEnable".

Please note that batman-adv is very powerful, and takes adventage with multiple wifi radios. If you have dual radio 5ghz + 2.4ghz, the most common architecture is to have the mesh only in the 5ghz frequency, and leave the "polluted" 2.4ghz range for the public access.
If you have triple radio, it can do parallel transfers. You can also use mesh on any unreliable network like powerlines, use both wifi and powerlines, etc...

Full version vs std version
Use full version if your router has enough flash and memory. Full version bring few features:
- access to openwrt management interface from anywhere (even from the internet). This interface contains :
   - some bandwidth real time graphics and some statistics.
   - QoS management: useful against buffer bloat
   - There is now a secure network, that is not connected anywhere by default.
       - This network is not accessible from the public network
       - The worldspot secure ssid is preconfigured, you just have to set a password and enable it
   - ability to manage vlans: useful to exploit the secure network that is disabled by default.
- https redirection:
   - Warning: it uses a lot of ressource. If you have a lot of users or less than 64 MB of RAM, you should disable it.
   - Note: Certificate warnings at redirection are normal, and there is nothing you can do about this. It is how https works.
   - To disable: add "HS_REDIRSSL=off" in   "Configure hotsot/coovaAP hotspot options"

Note: old hardware with low memory like wr54gl (16MB) should use an older firmware like:

Newer firmwares are known not to work correctly on these older hardwares, because they use more ressource.
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