Author Topic: Will adding "HS_UAMDOMAINS" to "CoovaAP hotspot options" overwrite existing?  (Read 4587 times)

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I am using firmware for my TL-WR1043ND router.  I would like to make a change so that I can access the website even when I am connected without a ticket.  (This will make it faster to diagnose problems and make changes when I am "in the field" working with a customer.)

In the --> Hotspots --> Configure Hotspot page, I see there is a box to put "CoovaAP hotspot options".  So I would like to put something like this:


However, I am concerned that this will overwrite or remove any existing "HS_UAMDOMAINS" value that is needed.  For example.. will the customer still be able to pay with paypal if I make this change? 

In other words, if I add a custom value into this box, will it overwrite any existing value?  Or will it add to any existing value that is built-in to the firmware setup?


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I think it is added to the paypal domains.