Author Topic: Saving IPTABLES?  (Read 4082 times)

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« on: December 06, 2014, 02:43:27 am »
at reboot of hotspot all my modifications to iptables are gone....already tried with script&symlink in init.d&rc.d...never called or overwritten ...i dont know...anyone with a solution?

default network config of worldspot firmware (trunk-39923-1) lacks in security btw...public wifi clients must not "see" clients of the private wifi ...nor have access to any infrastructure of parent network (i.e. where the dhcp server/hotspot itself/internet gateway is located) ...i can ssh to the hotspot and access web interface of my lte router  (all from public network!) :-X :-[

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Re: Saving IPTABLES?
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found the solution myself in a howto

"The creators of CoovaChilli have predefined rules for iptables, but their script needs a little help before it works. CoovaChilli's iptables config is done in the /etc/chilli/ script which runs after the tun interface is up, so that the exact tun interface is known.

/etc/chilli/ calls /etc/chilli/, if it exists. By default, it does not. If you need to run your own commands after the main iptables configuration is done, create /etc/chilli/ and populate it however you like, being sure to make it executable (chmod +x /etc/chilli/ when done."

Still searching for two rules:

1) How can i disable/reject all remote access to the hotspot (telnet,ssh,web interface,...) from ?
2) How can i prevent clients from seeing each other in ?

anyone got a iptable rules for that? thx in advance.
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Re: Saving IPTABLES?
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Yes the iptables are set in /etc/chilli/

However I'm not an iptables expert.

1) I think your best protection is to use a BIG root password, and never access your hotspot from the public wifi.
2) I think this is done in the wifi settings, in uci wireless. Please look at the openwrt wireless uci documentation